Cancer: Thriving and Surviving (CTS) Program- Leader Training


"Cancer: Thriving and Surviving (CTS) Program" is a 6- week workshop developed to help individuals who are cancer survivors to better manage their health and daily lives. 


Who should become a leader?

Adults 19 years of age or older whom are cancer survivors or if you are interested in supporting people with cancer to better manage their symptoms, such as caregivers, community volunteers and health care providers.  


Leader Attributes

What are the benefits of becoming a leader?

What is involved with the training?

Am I on my own when delivering a program?

Workshops are delivered with 2 certified leaders, one or both of whom are cancer survivors.  You will be partnered with a more experienced leader until you are comfortable. All registration, materials and evaluations are handled by the Waterloo Wellington Self- Management team


Still interested and willing to attend a peer leader training? 

If you are interested in becoming a certified leader, please fill out the link below and a member from our team will contact you to discuss training opportunities.