Moving Towards Change


Self-Management Training Workshops for Health Care Professionals



This program was developed for the Waterloo Wellington region, as a 1.5 day workshop for health care professionals, to gain greater knowledge and skill in the behaviour change process.  The program is delivered by Dr. Michael Vallis, who is a psychologist from Capital Health in Halifax and an associate professor with Dalhousie University.                                  



"Michael Vallis offers a round-up of widely encountered barriers to self-management, and suggests a formula to promote increased motivation to self-manage among people affected by a chronic disease"




This Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario Chapter for up to 9 Mainpro+ credits




1.  To understand the behaviour change process in order to better establish goals, methods and outcomes


2.  To understand the role of health care professionals in effective behavior change interventions


3.  To become familiar, through didactic (primary day 1 focus) and experiential (primary day 2 focus) methods, with movtivational enhancement, behavior modifications and emotion management skills


4.  To discuss challenges to integration of these skills into clinical practice (day 2)


5.  To implement skills in your own practice setting



Registration Cost:  $125.00


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