Who we are:


The Waterloo Wellington Self-Management Program (WWSMP) is hosted by Langs and funded by the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).  The role of the WWSMP is to coordinate self-management programs that support individuals and their caregivers in the region living with or at risk of developing chronic diseases.  The role also includes providing self-management support training, education and mentoring to healthcare providers.


There are 14 self-management(SM) programs across Ontario, each aligned with their respective Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).  For contact information on other SM programs in Ontario, click here


Self-management is defined as the active, engaged participation of individuals in achieving their best health and wellness.  This involves gaining the confidence, knowledge and skills to manage physical, social and emotional aspects of life in partnership with healthcare providers and community supports.


Self-management support is the range of organizational, community and healthcare provider strategies to elicit and support the active participation of individuals in achieving their best health and wellness. 



For more information on our program or if you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at selfmanagement@langs.org

or call us at:



519-947-1000 Ext. 255


Our team: 



Debbie Hollahan,

Regional Director, RCC 



Laurie Hodgkinson,

Program Coordinator

Self-Management Program




Amy Waugh, RD, CDE,
Resource Clinican &

Project Lead


Justine Pires,

Administrative Assistant

Self-Management Program