You may know medical first aid...


You may know CPR...


BUT do you know mental health first aid?


1 in 3 Canadians will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime.  Will you know how to help


Mental Health First Aid Canada(MHFA)

Mental Health First Aid is an evidence based program of The Mental Health Commission of CanadaMHFA is an awareness and prevention program that teaches participants how to help someone who is showing signs of a mental health problem or is experiencing a mental health crisis. 


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the support provided to a person who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis. 


This 8-hour course opens with a self-directed module (Module 1) that focuses on the information and strategies that participants will discuss and practice throughout the virtual classroom modules (Modules 2 and 3).


Module 1: 2 hours of Self-Directed Learning

Module 2: Virtual Classroom

Module 3: Virtual Classroom

Course participants are required to complete Module 1 (sent out 1 week prior) before completing Module 2 and 3.


This 8 hour, certified training course aims to teach people to:    



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*For internal staff interested in attending the workshop, please contact Justine directly at 519 -947-1000 ext 255 or [email protected]*


Programs offered by Waterloo Wellington Self-Management Program:

The Waterloo Wellington Self-Management Program (WWSMP) is funded by the Ontario MOHLTC to provide training to health care providers to support them in managing individuals living with chronic diseases. WWSMP has chosen to offer this program to health care providers working in this region.


If interested in attending this program, there are a number of certified instructors in Waterloo Wellington region. For a listing of available instructors or programs click here