Powerful Tools for Caregivers



This FREE 6 week, highly interactive workshop series is designed to help caregivers develop a wealth of self-care tools. Caregivers learn self-management tools to help to reduce stress, improve self-confidence and communication, find balance and increase their ability to make tough decisions. This program builds the skills caregivers need to take better care of themselves.

Learning Objectives:

Taking care of you

- Identifying and reducing personal stress

- Communicating feelings, needs and concerns

- Communicating in challenging situations

- Learning from our emotions

- Mastering caregiver decisions



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Upcoming Workshops
Date Time Location Register
Oct 6- Nov 10, 2020 1:30pm- 3:00pm ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM CLOSED GROUP
Oct 21- nov 25 2:00pm- 3:30pm ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM Click Here
Oct 29- Dec 3 10:00am- 11:30am ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM Click Here
Nov 3- Dec 8 9:30am- 11:00am ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM CLOSED











A "VIRTUAL" Classroom

Workshops will be delivered using a password with a secure online videoconferencing tool to create interactive sessions.  Participants will be able to interact with the facilitators and other members of the group. They can choose whether to be on camera.