Treating Patients with C.A.R.E.

Connect, Appreciate, Respond, and Empower


This 1 day workshop is an accredited program offered by the Institute for Healthcare Communication--Canada.


"While some general concepts about customer service from retail and service industries may apply to health care, in many ways health care is different.  It's not the same as selling shoes, serving food or working at a bank. The receptionist or medical assistant may be greeting a patient who is physically uncomfortable, frightened, or angry; family members may be anxious or distressed as well.  Staff members in medical organizations aren't simply selling the patient a product; instead they are involved in complex interactions with patients to promote improved health and manage health care resources." (IHCC)


This workshop helps guide all staff members to communicate in ways that will enhance their interaction with patients. 





" Amazing workshop, opened my eyes to how I approach and communicate with patients" -Participant Kitchener/Waterloo


"Thanks for the thorough workshop, it was very helpful to

see all of the C.A.R.E aspects put into practice"

-Paricipant Kitchener/Waterloo



We are pleased to be able to offer this workshop in the region of Waterloo Wellington.


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