Better Sleep Program



Do you....


 Have difficulty falling asleep?

Have a hard time falling back to sleep?

 Wake up early and can’t fall back to sleep?


If this sounds like you, consider attending our Better Sleep workshop designed to promote better and a more restful sleep. During this free, 5 week group session you will learn strategies to help relax your mind and body, to decrease insomnia, and to fall asleep or back to sleep easily.




                         During this workshop, you will learn:


                           - self-regulation strategies to help fall asleep, or back to sleep, more easily

                          -  sleep behaviours most highly recommended by sleep researchers

                           - lifestyle factors influencing sleep architecture

                           - tips on sleep efficiency and energy management

                           - myths and facts about sleep

                           - techniques to clear the mind of unproductive self-talk, worry and mental chatter

                           - common self-expectations about sleep

                           - how to keep a sleep diary

                           - bedtime relaxation techniques



"Learn the most effective cognitive / behavioural strategies that decrease insomnia "



This workshop is facilitated by Kathy Somers, R. Kin, BCB from the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic.


Watch the following clip from CTV news to hear more about this program: 




Note: This workshop does not address medical conditions such as sleep apnea


Upcoming Workshops 2019/2020
Date Location Time  Register
October 22- November 19

Rockway Centre

1405 King Street East

Kitchener, ON

7:30pm- 8:30pm Click Here
October 29- November 26

Woolwich Memorial Centre

24 Snyder Avenue South

Elmira, ON

10:00am- 11:00am Click Here
April 22- May 20, 2020

Woolwich CHC

10 Parkside Drive

St. Jacobs, ON

10:00am- 11:00am Click Here