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These workshops are designed to support you with getting the most out of life while living with a chronic condition. The following programs are offered for FREE in the region of Waterloo Wellington.



Take Charge

   This 6 week workshop is for people with any ongoing chronic health condition. It is led by certified Peer Leaders in a community setting.

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Take Charge--Chronic Pain

   This 6 week workshop is for people struggling with chronic or persistent pain.  It is led by certified Peer Leaders in a community setting. 

Online Self-Management Program

   Free online programs for individuals and caregivers living with chronic conditions

Better Sleep

    This program will help you learn strategies to relax your mind and body, to decrease insomnia, and to fall asleep or back to sleep easier.



Cancer: Thriving and Surviving (CTS)

   This 6- week workshop is to help individuals who are cancer survivors to better manage their health and daily lives. It is led by certified Peer Leaders in a community setting. 

Craving Change™

   This 4-week program helps you understand why you eat the way you do.  It is led by health care professionals certified in the program, and is offered at various locations throughout the region.

 Dial It Down- Relaxation and Stress Management

   This program helps you develop strong skills in releasing body tension, calming and focusing the mind.

Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You!

   This program is for people with diabetes to learn more about preventative care for your feet.  It is led by a trained peer leader with the support of a health care professional. 


Getting The Most From Your Healthcare Appointment©

   This program helps you learn how to ask the right questions of your doctor or health care provider so you understand and feel confident in taking an active role in your own healthcare. 

Group Lifestyle Balance Program™

   This 22 week program is for individuals who have been identified with, or are at risk for prediabetes and/or metabolic syndrome.


Mindful Awareness Stabilization Training (M.A.S.T)

   This 4-week program introduces mindfulness practices that will help individuals to feel more balanced and present in their lives.



Become a Leader

Do you enjoy teaching and public speaking? Joing us for a leader training workshop to become a "Peer Leader" for our self-management workshops.




Take Charge Leader Training

   This training is a 4 day training to become a certified trainer. 

Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You

Leader Training

   This is a one day workshop for people with diabetes who would like to become a certified trainer. 

Cancer: Thriving and Surviving (CTS) Program- Leader Training

    This training is a 4 day training to become a certified trainer.



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